Home Run Driving School

How can I start the process of getting my child behind the wheel?

Once the student turns 16 and has passed the written test, simply submit a completed green permit application (available upon request), original birth certificate or passport and a $10 check payable to NJMVC.

What if my child turns 16 before they take Driver’s Ed in school or if their school does not offer the written test?

If your child is eager to begin their lessons before taking the written test in their Driver’s Ed class or if their school does not offer the test, we can accompany your child to the written test at an NJMVC location.  Please note that once they attempt the written test at an NJMVC location, THEY MUST PASS THE TEST THERE.

My child is already 17.  Can a driving school still obtain their permit?

Once a student turns 17, a driving school is no longer permitted to obtain the permit.  A parent can accompany the student to an NJMVC location to get their permit and then the student is eligible to complete the 6 hours of instruction. 

My child is extremely busy with sports, activities and schoolwork.  Are lessons available on weekends?


I am nervous to send my child’s ID in the mail.  Can I hand it in personally at your office.

 We recognize the concern of mailing in paperwork and are happy to accommodate you by allowing you to personally hand in documentation.

 My child is very excited to start.  When can they being their lessons?

 Although we have an active roster of instructors, we generally start within two weeks of receiving the permit from NJMVC.

 My child’s 17th birthday is approaching.  Are they guaranteed the option of taking the road test on their actually birthday?

 The student must have a valid permit for 6 months before being eligible to take the road test.