Here's what some of our happy parents have to say...

"Billy was really great. He was friendly and kind and I believe helped calm Mike so he was relaxed before his test."

-Mrs. DeSimone (Ramsey HS class of '14 parent)

"Diana was so nice and really helped keep my daughter at ease during her six hours. She liked her so much that she was relieved to know that Diana would also be accompanying her to the road test."

-Mr. Dombal (Ramsey HS class of '14 parent)

"Noah had an incredibly positive experience with Home Run. Your registration process was simple and efficient and Noah's lessons were scheduled promptly and at convenient times.  Noah raved about how nice Bill was and how comfortable he made him feel behind the wheel.  I'm impressed with how smoothly he operates the car and the level of skill he attained during his 6 hours."

Mr. Sexton, (Ramsey HS class of '15 parent)

Thank you so much for helping Christina get her driving license.  Bill is a great instructor.  He is patient, friendly and he gave Christina the confidence she needed to become a good and safe drivers.  She took the 6 hours needed for a permit at another driving school and she hated the time behind the wheel. The instructor was rude and tired and jaded and stripped her of her confidence to the point where she did not want to go driving.  Three lessons with Bill and goal accomplished!

 Stella K. Howie 


My son Alec had Chris as his instructor.  They connected with each other right off the bat which in turn alleviated all of my son's nervousness and he had a very enjoyable and educational experience.  My two older kids used another driving school and if I knew about Home Run back then, they would have used you guys as well...keep up the great work and keep our kids safe!

 Bob Reynolds, River Vale


My daughter who had driving anxiety successfully passed her road test this week (7/15).  She would not have been able to achieve this goal without the guidance of Wally, the instructor assigned to her.  He was incredibly kind, patient and understanding.  He gave my daughter the confidence she needed to drive a car.  We greatly appreciate all the time and effort Wally spent with her.  He is an exemplary instructor and we would definitely recommend him to others.  My daughter is thrilled to finally be a licensed driver thanks to Wally’s encouragement and support. 

 "Mrs. S”

 "Mike (Branagh) was always punctual and took the time to discuss my daughter's progress after each lesson. Although I was nervous at first about her getting on the road for the first time, he made my wife and I feel very at ease. I would highly recommend his company.

-Bob Bergin (Father of Northern Highlands student)

"Mr. Branagh made my son feel very confident about his driving experience. I felt that he helped him so much that I even asked him for refresher classes for my son before his road test.

-Donna Borra (Mother of Mahwah High school student)





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Home Run Driving School

Please read what some of our pleased drivers have to say...

"I was a little nervous to get out on the road at first but Coach Branagh made me feel relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel.  He gave me hints about how to master parallel parking and made me confident about merging on to the highway.  His car is really nice, too!"

-Ray Pesanello (Mahwah High School Class of '11)

"During my second lesson with Mr. Branagh it started to pour.  He was very calm in helping me modify my driving and teaching me how to be more aware during bad weather."

-Mark Younan (Mahwah High School Class of '11)

"Coach Branagh is the best driving instructor. He makes it fun while really teaching you the rules of the road!"

-Danny Buonocore (Mahwah High School Class of '11)

"Mr. Branagh kept me really calm behind the wheel and made me feel confident behind the wheel, especially merging on to the highway which I was really nervous about.

-Kerri Bergin (Northern Highlands Regional High School Class of '11)

"Mr. Branagh was a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.

-Suzanne Morin (IHA Class of '11)

"Mrs. Branagh was so helpful in assisting me the day of my road test.  She made sure I was prepared and calm for my test!"

-Raquel Roberts (Mahwah High School '12)

"I just want to thank you and your staff in all aspects for giving my son, Justin his 6 hour required course and then taking him the day of his road test.  Your company was very professional and showed up on time, even the day after a snow storm!"

Hats off to you and your staff!

Fred Baum, Harrington Park