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Answers to your questions

  • What if my child turns 16 before they take Drivers Ed?
    If your child is eager to begin their lessons before taking the written test in their Driver’s Ed class or if their school does not offer the test, we can accompany your child to the written test at an NJMVC location.
  • My child is extremely busy with sports, activities and schoolwork. Are lessons available on weekends?"
    ABSOLUTELY! However, our instructors do work tirelessly and weekend lessons are at a premium. Most weekend lessons are conducted in the morning to allow for instructors to have family time and gear up for the week!
  • I am nervous to send my child’s ID in the mail. Can I hand it in personally at your office.
    We recognize the concern of mailing in paperwork and are happy to accommodate any family by making an appointment to meet you at our office for hand delivery of documentation.
  • My child is very excited to start. When can they being their lessons?
    Although we have an active roster of instructors, we generally start within two weeks of receiving the permit from NJMVC.
  • What are the restrictions that go along with my the learner's permit?
    The student must display a red decal on the front and back of each license plate on the vehicle they drive. Decals are $4 and can be purchased through us or at any MVC location. The student must be accompanied in the front seat by a a licensed driver, 21 years or older with a valid NJ driver's license. The student is restricted from driving between the hours of 11:01 pm and 5:00 am (unless written consent from an employer or religious institution is provided to the student). Student drivers are only allowed to have one additional passenger besides the parent, guardian or dependents.
  • My child’s 17th birthday is approaching. Are they guaranteed the option of taking the road test on their actual birthday?
    The student must have a valid permit for 6 months before being eligible to take the road test.
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